Dollar Tree Plus Locations: Your Guide to Finding Upgraded Deals

Dollar Tree Plus represents the evolution of the traditional Dollar Tree shopping model, introducing a wider variety of products at multiple price points, catering to customers seeking value beyond the standard dollar offerings.

Dollar Tree Plus Deals

Dollar Tree Plus Store Deals & Category
Dollar Tree Plus Store Deals & Category

PLUS Concept & Expansion

Dollar Tree Plus is an expanded retail format that features a multi-price assortment of items.

Unlike the traditional Dollar Tree stores where every item is priced at $1, this new Plus section offers products at various price points above $1, typically within the $3 to $5 range.

The growth potential for Plus is significant, as these combo stores that host both the Plus section and traditional Dollar Tree offerings provide customers with more choice and convenience under one roof.

The expansion has led to the rollout of new products that were not previously feasible to include in the $1 selection, without sacrificing the value-priced model that Dollar Tree is renowned for. Please read more about the Dollar Tree Compass mobile schedule.

Comparing Dollar Tree and Dollar Tree Plus

Comparing Dollar Tree and its Plus counterpart reveals a diverse product strategy.

Dollar Tree continues to operate on a single-price point strategy, ensuring all products are accessible for $1.

Meanwhile, It enhances the shopping experience by including items with a multi-price assortment, reflecting a strategic shift to include price points above $1.

This variation within combo stores allows for a wider selection, catering to customers looking for both the classic Dollar Tree offerings and new products that deliver an even greater value for a slightly higher price.

Shopping at Dollar Tree Plus

PLUS Dollar Tree expands on the original Dollar Tree experience by offering a broader selection of items at various price points, including $1, $1.25, $3, and $5, enhancing customer shopping options.

Dollar Tree PLUS!
Dollar Tree PLUS!

Product Categories and Price Points

It feature an extensive range of products across categories like kitchen essentials, toys, and electronics. In addition to the classic $1 bargains, shoppers will encounter select items at $1.25, $3, and $5 price points. These options represent an evolution from the legacy Dollar Tree stores, providing customers with a great deal more variety.

Dollar Tree Plus Category:

  • PLUS Seasons & Holidays
  • PLUS Party Supplies
  • PLUS Toys & Games
  • PLUS Home Decor
  • PLUS Craft Supplies
  • PLUS Household, Cleaning & Storage
  • PLUS Kitchen & Dining
  • PLUS Apparel
  • PLUS Electronics & Hardware

Finding PLUS Locations

Customers can locate Dollar Tree Plus sections through the store locator on the company’s website, which can be filtered by zip code.

While these sections are available in select stores, the number is increasing, as Dollar Tree incorporates the Plus model into more locations, alongside their Family Dollar stores, under the guidance of CEO Michael Witynski.

Maximizing Savings

Shoppers can maximize savings at Plus store by taking advantage of coupons and deals that can be combined with already low prices.

The stores often feature aisles with reduced prices on household items, where customers can find excellent value for money.

The introduction of higher price points allows for larger sizes and better quality items, yet still maintains the promise of offering a great deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs are designed to provide clarity on Dollar Tree Plus, including its locations, differences from the standard Dollar Tree stores, and unique offerings.

How can I find Dollar Tree Plus locations near me?

Individuals can locate nearby PLUS stores using the store locator on the company’s website, which offers quick and easy access to addresses, contact information, and operating hours.

What are the differences between Dollar Tree and PLUS Store?

Dollar Tree primarily offers items at the remarkable price of $1, while PLUS store features more choices, more sizes, and more savings, with items priced at various tiers, including $1, $3, and $5.

How many Dollar Tree Plus stores are currently operational?

As a new concept, the number of operational Dollar Tree Plus stores is in flux; however, they are integrated within select existing Dollar Tree locations.

Has there been a merger between Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, affecting the Plus stores?

Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar in 2015, which resulted in a greater variety of brands and product assortments. This strategic move has influenced the product range seen in PLUS.

Are there any resources available to shop online for Plus items?

Customers have the convenience to shop online for PLUS items, offering more choices and the flexibility of shopping from home.

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