Dollar Tree Location – Find Your Nearest Store Location, Hours, Address, Phone Number

dollar tree locations
dollar tree locations

Dollar Tree Locations

Dollar Tree, a renowned discount retail brand, provides an efficient store locator tool to help customers find Dollar Tree locations using the store locator across the United States of America.

This section guides users on how to use the store locator and understand store hours for a better shopping experience.

Find the Location Using the Store Locator

To locate a Dollar Tree store, customers can utilize the online store locator which is designed to search by state, city, or zip code. Please read about Dollar Tree Compass.

dollar tree store locator - find a store
dollar tree store locator – find a store

Here are the steps one can follow:

  1. Visit the Dollar Tree store locator page.
  2. Enter a state, city, or zip code to find local Dollar Tree locations.
  3. Review the list of stores displayed along with addresses and phone numbers for convenience.

This tool is particularly helpful for users looking to save time by planning their visit to the nearest Dollar Tree store.

Find Store Hours

Dollar Tree displays the hours of operation for each store in the search results of the online locator.

It’s important for customers to note that store hours may vary by location and time of year, and to check the specific times for their local store using the online tool.

Here’s how to find store hours:

  • After finding a store using the locator, click on the chosen location to view its details.
  • The store’s operational hours will be listed, providing a clear time frame for shopping.

Customers are encouraged to check the hours before visiting to ensure the store is open at their intended time of shopping.

Day of the WeekOpening Hours (Opens at)Closing Hours (Closes at)
Monday (Mon)9 AM7 PM
Tuesday (Tues)8 AM10 PM
Wednesday (Wed)8 AM10 PM
Thursday (Thurs)8 AM10 PM
Friday (Fri)8 AM10 PM
Saturday (Sat)8 AM10 PM
Sunday (Sun9 AM7 PM

Find the Store Phone number

Looking for the phone number of your nearest Dollar Tree store?

Follow these easy steps to get in touch:

  • Online Store Locator: Visit the official Dollar Tree website, go to the “Store Locator” section, and enter your location details. The store’s phone number is often listed along with other store information.
  • Mobile App: Download the Dollar Tree mobile app, use the Store Locator feature, and find the phone number of your preferred store among the provided details.

Find Local Store Amenities

Dollar Tree stores are renowned for offering a wide array of products at unbeatable prices.

While each local store’s amenities may vary slightly, here are some common services you can expect to find at any of the Dollar Tree locations across the United States.

  •  Accepts EBT
  •  Frozen/Refrigerated Foods
  •  Greeting Cards: Expressions from Hallmark
  •  Crafter’s Square™
  •  Snack Zone™
  •  Bagged Ice

In particular, you can search for any stores with specific amenities. We recommend using the Dollar Tree Store Locator, to pick any amenities, search by zip code, and find out the nearest store that has any of the specified amenities.

Dollar Tree offers significant savings with numerous locations across the United States.

Customers frequently search for local stores to access a variety of products at the compelling price point of one dollar.

Texas boasts a high number of stores, reflecting the brand’s popularity in the state.

One notable location in Houston provides easy access for customers looking for budget-friendly shopping solutions.

CityAddressPhone Number
Houston123 Houston St., TX 77002(713) 555-1234
Los Angeles456 LA Ave., CA 90001(213) 555-6789
New York789 NY Plaza, NY 10001(212) 555-2468

Each store is strategically located to serve both urban and suburban shoppers, ensuring that every visit leads to an opportunity for saving money on everyday items.

In Los Angeles, Dollar Tree caters to a diverse clientele, providing a wide range of products at an attractive single price point. Meanwhile, the store nestled in the heart of New York serves throngs of customers who appreciate the convenience and savings.

Dollar Tree’s user-friendly store locator helps customers find their nearest location, optimizing their shopping experience.

For residents in smaller cities and towns, Dollar Tree maintains a presence with stores spread across numerous states, making it possible for savings to be just a short trip away.

Their inventory is tailored to include household essentials, making the stores a one-stop shop for daily needs.

Furthermore, shoppers have the option of in-store pickup for online orders, blending the convenience of e-commerce with the cost-effectiveness of brick-and-mortar shopping.

Shopping at Dollar Tree

When visiting Dollar Tree, customers appreciate significant savings on a variety of products, from household essentials to party supplies. The store offers cleaning supplies needed for every inch of a residence or business, including bathroom cleaners, sponges, and bulk paper towels.

They are a go-to destination for individuals planning events, providing a wide assortment of decorations and party favors for occasions such as weddings, cocktail parties, and picnics.

Business owners and educational institutions frequent Dollar Tree for economical office supplies and classroom materials. These range from essential writing instruments like pens and pencils to organizational aids such as folders and storage containers.

With bulk purchases, one can stock up without overspending.

Festive celebrations, including birthday parties and festivals, can be catered for with disposable cups, plates, utensils, and napkins, making clean-up stress-free.

Moreover, special details like balloons and balloon weights add a splash of joy to any gathering.

Dollar Tree’s commitment to affordability extends to the health and beauty aisle, offering products for personal care. Electronics and toys also make for surprising finds, with available options differing from one region to another.

Shoppers aiming for additional value employ strategies like using coupons, while also benefiting from Dollar Tree’s flat-rate pricing.

By shopping wisely, one can achieve a remarkable balance between quality and price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a list of Dollar Tree locations in Texas?

A comprehensive list of Dollar Tree locations in Texas can be found on their official website. This resource provides the address and phone number for each store in the state.

How can I locate a Dollar Tree store near me?

To locate a nearby Dollar Tree store, use the Dollar Tree Store Locator. This tool allows you to search by city, state, or zip code and provides a map and directions.

What is the total number of Dollar Tree stores currently operating?

Over 15,000 Dollar Tree stores are operating across the United States, ensuring a wide availability of their products.

Can you explain the difference between Dollar Store and Dollar Tree?

“Dollar Store” is a generic term for stores that sell items at or around a dollar. “Dollar Tree” specifically refers to a single chain that adheres to the pricing model where most items offered are priced at $1.

How many Dollar Tree Plus locations exist and where can I find them?

Dollar Tree Plus locations are a newer concept with an expanding number of stores. Look up the nearest Dollar Tree Plus locations for a broader range of products at varied price points.

Is Dollar Tree still maintaining a price point of $1 for all items?

Dollar Tree announced a shift in its pricing model, moving away from the strict $1 price point. Now, items may vary in price above $1, especially in Dollar Tree Plus locations.

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